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Coaching Review

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Year 2011 
Volume 1/2011 
Issue 3

The victim mentality in business

2011 1/2011 (3) Coaching Review


Me victim mentality involves vulnerability, asense of injustice, avoiding responsibility and complaining. Both in business and in coaching, cases of this phenomenon have been identied, using the so-called structure of vulnerability. Me article presents the basic directions for change, which enable moving away from the victim mentality and implementing acoaching strategy for overcoming diffculties relating to withdrawal and the sense of permanent dissatisfaction and frustration (Victoria Strategy). Based on these deliberations, it is easier to identify behaviors that are the result of avictim mentality, to more effectively replace the victim mentality with action and to obtain useful strategies for dealing with complaints and helplessness, which can be used in training, coaching and self-development.

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