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Coaching Review

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Year 2013 
Volume 1/2013 
Issue 5

Jak coaching pomaga definiować tożsamość?

2013 1/2013 (5) Coaching Review

DOI 10.7206/cr.2081-7029.2


In the focus of the author of the article questions are questions related to the process of defining and building the identity of the individual in the process of coaching. The starting point for the discussion is the assumption that the post-modern world, the knowledge and experience mediated through the media, shape the identity of individuals, as well as the order of social relations. The author verifies many psychological and sociological definitions of individual identity and the process of building one’s lifestyle. The question of whether an individual knows himself and knows how to thoughtfully build „yourself ” is an issue that is intertwined in the article’s multithreaded analysis of the identity of a man with everyday issues raised by the coaches in the coaching of an individual. According to the author coaching is a process that prepares the body to function in the world, according to the identity defined and worked out during the coaching sessions.

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Nowak-Kawalec, Weronika (2013). Jak coaching pomaga definiować tożsamość?. (2013). Jak coaching pomaga definiować tożsamość?. Coaching Review, 1/2013(5), 6-21. https://doi.org/10.7206/cr.2081-7029.2 (Original work published 2013)

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Nowak-Kawalec, Weronika. “Jak Coaching Pomaga Definiować Tożsamość?”. 2013. Coaching Review, vol. 1/2013, no. 5, 2013, pp. 6-21.

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