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Coaching Review

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Year 2016 
Volume 1/2016 
Issue 8

Coaching the BuDo-Way

2016 1/2016 (8) Coaching Review


Drawing from the larger BuDo-Way program, this article focuses on the application of the program as part of a coaching framework relevant for any human being and, specifically, for our youth, as we are charged with the great task and duty of shaping the identity and personality of the young generation, giving them tools for life, and thus creating a better society of the future. The BuDo-Way program lends itself in a natural way to implementation in a school, college or university environment, as it requires nothing but a regular classroom and provides exciting, and at times high-energy learning experience much appreciated by children, teenagers and students, who often have a short attention span and a need for action. The program’s full name – “Personal Leadership the BuDo-Way”, indicates that one should first acquire certain core (personal) skills before one is able to lead others. The uniqueness of this program is implied in its name – the “BuDo-Way” – referring to the knowledge and wisdom of Japanese martial arts and Buddhism, accumulated over many centuries, and enabling participants to acquire relevant and applicable life tools.

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