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Year 2014-04-04 
Issue 9


Tomasz Zaleśkiewicz
Katedra Psychologii Ekonomicznej, Szkoła Wyższa Psychologii Społecznej, Wydział we Wrocławiu

2014-04-04 (9) Decyzje


This paper presents the new, interdisciplinary field of science called neuroeconomics. The first part of the paper shows relations between neuroeconomics, classical economics and behavioral economics. Next, the most popular measurement methods used in neuroeconomic experiments are described. Finally, the paper reviews results from neuroconomic research in four areas: 1) choices under risk and uncertainty, 2) moral decision making, 3) intertemporal decision making, 4) economic behavior in the social context.

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Zaleśkiewicz, Tomasz (2008). Zaleśkiewicz, T.. (2008). Neuroeconomic. Decyzje, (9), 29 56. Retrieved de https://journal.kozminski.edu.pl/index.php/decyzje/article/view/125 (Original work published 2014-04-04)

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Zaleśkiewicz, Tomasz. Zaleśkiewicz, T.. “Neuroeconomic”. 2014-04-04. Decyzje, no. 9, 2008, p. 29 56.

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