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Krytyka Prawa. Niezależne studia nad prawem

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Year 12/2020 
Volume 12 
Issue 4

Juries and Justices of the Peace in the United States of America

Paweł Króliczek
University of Silesia in Katowice

12/2020 12 (4) Krytyka Prawa. Niezależne studia nad prawem

DOI 10.7206/kp.2080-1084.411


The paper shows an American model of the participation of the society in the administration of justice. It is crucial for the Polish discussion about the involvement of public factor in that manner. The analysis is divided between the constitutional right to trial by jury and the institution of justices of the peace, which is unique for the Anglo-Saxon legal system. Research conducted here is the result of a detailed analysis of the case law of the Supreme Court of the United States and selected state courts that shaped the views of the American academia on this issue. Hopefully, this brief study will help to reform the Polish judicial process.


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Króliczek, Paweł. “Juries And Justices Of The Peace In The United States Of America”. 12/2020AD. Krytyka Prawa. Niezależne Studia Nad Prawem, vol. 12, no. 4, 2020, pp. 87-104.

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