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Central European Management Journal

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Year 2014 
Volume 22 
Issue 4

Shared Value Creation and Marketing

Jolanta Tkaczyk
Kozminski University

Magdalena Krzyżanowska
Kozminski University

2014 22 (4) Central European Management Journal

DOI 10.7206/mba.ce.2084-3356.127


Purpose: The aim of the paper is to test whether and to what extent the concept of CSV can be utilized in the marketing strategy of companies, and more precisely, whether and to what extent it can be used as a criterion for positioning the company in the market.

Methodology: The authors analysed the case of the Partnership for Health from the perspective of one partner, grocery retailer Biedronka. In addition, we have conducted consumer research among students to fi nd out if consumers have a positive perception of products with a social mission.

Findings: The research fi ndings indicate that, according to the respondents’ perception, products with a social mission could comprise a basis for a positioning strategy for Biedronka, but for now, many customers do not even know that Biedronka offers such products in cooperation with its partners. The lack of a promotional campaign aimed at educating buyers had a negative impact on project awareness. It can even be stated that its potential wasn’t exploited from a marketing viewpoint.

Research limitations/implications: The major limitation of the conducted research is the sampling procedure. The authors introduced their own scale for measuring the consumers’ approach to products with social missions. This scale can also be used for implementation of similar projects.

Originality: In the subject literature there is a cognitive gap connected with the use of CSV concept in corporate marketing strategies. The authors determined how this concept could be used in marketing with special regard to the positioning strategy. Additionally a special scale was designed for measuring consumers’ approaches to products with a social mission

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Tkaczyk, Jolanta & Krzyżanowska, Magdalena (2014). Tkaczyk, J. , & Krzyżanowska, M.. (2014). Shared Value Creation and Marketing. Central European Management Journal, 22(4), 153-167. https://doi.org/10.7206/mba.ce.2084-3356.127 (Original work published 2014)

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Tkaczyk, Jolanta and Krzyżanowska, Magdalena. Tkaczyk, J. , and M. Krzyżanowska. “Shared Value Creation And Marketing”. 2014. Central European Management Journal, vol. 22, no. 4, 2014, pp. 153-167.

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Tkaczyk, Jolanta and Krzyżanowska, Magdalena. Tkaczyk, Jolanta , and Magdalena Krzyżanowska. “Shared Value Creation And Marketing”. Central European Management Journal, Central European Management Journal, 22, no. 4 (2014): 153-167. doi:10.7206/mba.ce.2084-3356.127.