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Year 2014-03-19 
Issue 16

Trust and distrust in decison-making processes

Andrzej K. Koźmiński
Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego

Dominika Latusek-Jurczak
Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego

2014-03-19 (16) Decyzje


Trust has been one of the most discussed topics in research on
decision-making processes in organizations since early 1990s. the notion of
distrust, however, has been rarely investigated. Authors of this text analyze
existing literature looking for possible conceptualizations of both trust and
distrust and they highlight possible sources of this imbalance in the debate. They also argue, basing on some empirical research, that distrust should be positioned as an autonomous research problem and that its dominant concept - as a mirrorimage of trust – should be finally questioned.

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Koźmiński, A. K. , & Latusek-Jurczak, D. . (2011). Trust and distrust in decison-making processes. Decyzje, (16), 29 42. Retrieved de https://journal.kozminski.edu.pl/index.php/decyzje/article/view/62 (Original work published 2014-03-19)

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Koźmiński, A. K. , and D. Latusek-Jurczak. “Trust And Distrust In Decison-Making Processes”. 2014-03-19. Decyzje, no. 16, 2011, p. 29 42.

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