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Year 2014-03-19 
Issue 16

Judgment aggregation and preference aggregation

Joanna Ochremiak
Instytut Matematyczny PAN

2014-03-19 (16) Decyzje


In the paper we present an introduction to the theory of judgment aggregation and discuss its relation to the theory of preference aggregation. We compare the formal model of judgment aggregation, based on logic, with the formal model of preference aggregation. Finally, we present a theorem in judgment
aggregation which is an exact analogue of Arrow's theorem for strict preferences.

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Ochremiak, Joanna (2011). Ochremiak, J. . (2011). Judgment aggregation and preference aggregation. Decyzje, (16), 43 72. Retrieved de https://journal.kozminski.edu.pl/index.php/decyzje/article/view/63 (Original work published 2014-03-19)

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Ochremiak, Joanna. Ochremiak, J. . “Judgment Aggregation And Preference Aggregation”. 2014-03-19. Decyzje, no. 16, 2011, p. 43 72.

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