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Year 2014-03-28 
Issue 14

Methods and Tools for Pre−negotiation Support

Tomasz Wachowicz
Katedra Badań Operacyjnych, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach

2014-03-28 (14) Decyzje


In this work we analyze the methods commonly used for support the pre-negotiation activities, that negotiators undertake to prepare well to the
negotiation process. We discuss the additive scoring model (AMS), most
frequently used in pre-negotiation support for determining the scoring system of the negotiation offers and show the empirical example of applying such a model in pre-negotiation preparation. We also discuss the assumptions that make this model legitimate and consider its limitations. The recent empirical works describing how negotiators behave in electronic negotiation show however, that some negotiators should not be supported with AMS. Therefore we propose two alternative tools that can be used in pre-negotiation support alternatively. The first one basis on the ELECTRE-TRI method and allows to determine the negotiation offers' scoring system without the direct assigning the scoring points to negotiation issues and options. The second one applies the TOPSIS algorithm that needs to be modified and extended to fulfill the negotiation protocol requirements. For both the approaches we present the numerical examples showing how they can be applied in the pre-negotiation support.

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