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Central European Management Journal

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Rok 2012 
Tom 20 
Numer 3

Fenomenologia zarządzania – aspekt dydaktyczny

Bronisław Bombała
University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

2012 20 (3) Central European Management Journal

DOI 10.7206/mba.ce.2084-3356.15


Purpose: the aim of this article is to present two models for teaching business ethics: ethics
of business and ethics for business. In the article, I defend the thesis that business ethics taught in corporations (ethics for business) is not a simple continuation of academic instruction (ethics of business) and should not be treated as such.

Methodology: to justify the foregoing thesis, I refer to both theoretical and empirical research carried out by business ethicists, as well as to my own experience as an academic teacher.

Findings: taking into consideration the differences that occur between the two models of teaching business ethics, and also the threats associated with implementing ethics programs in companies, I conclude that in-company business ethics instruction does not constitute a continuation of academic instruction.

Originality: this study and conclusion can help to improve the process of teaching business ethics at both academic and corporate levels.

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