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Zeszyty Programu TOP 15

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Rok 2016 
Tom 8 
Numer 1

Smart Cities Typology

2016 8 (1) Zeszyty Programu TOP 15


Increased access to technology and widely perceived organizational problems stimulate city governors to turn smart. Efficient smart cities is the growing trend among entities from the whole world struggling with various problems which have to be transformed into reachable challenges. Use of urban analytics or cloud computing solutions aims at creating intelligent communities and sustainability improvement. Smart city, as a complex phenomenon, has already evolved to a wide variety of dimensions, which are incorrectly named, while particular terms usually intend to indicate a philosophy standing behind. Sensing or intelligent cities are no synonyms, but representatives of various ideology and the list of examples is much longer. Ideology treated as a long-term strategy for the city requires particular inputs and outputs, which are unique for each choice. There is a lack of a complex typology or literature review in accordance to smart cities terminology and this document tends to consolidate most valuable knowledge from this field. Moreover, typology itself is discussed only in a few articles very narrowly and mostly with a lack of comment or author’s interpretation. Evolutionary nature of the phenomenon may cause some misinterpretations and inconsistency issues over the articles. This document represents a holistic approach towards the smart city issue with a focus on typological aspects. Standardization tends to widen terminology simultaneously eliminating synonymization, which is common in the literature. Proposed typology may be used by researchers to focus on smart cities dimensions in order to fill the research gap and introduce descriptive papers on particular forms. Systematized typology may also influence city governors’ awareness and improve decision-making complexity.

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